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We're the first crowdfunding platform dedicated solely to
girls' high school education in the developing world.

We want to change the world by educating girls.

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty by educating girls.
By creating access to education for adolescent girls living in urban slums, we believe we can combat one of the biggest poverty traps facing the developing world.

Our Philosophy

We invest in ambition.

We identify smart, driven girls who are unable to afford high school tuition. We partner with local primary schools to gain a real understanding of each girl's family and financial situation as well as their ability to perform well in high school, ensuring that your donations have the highest possible impact.

We give girls a voice.

Handwritten letters from our students allow them to share their own stories, struggles, and dreams. Through our website, donors can watch their students progress through high school, receiving updates from them every 3-4 months.

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We're about results.

The ambition of our students is what drives us an organization, and their success is our top priority. We created a network of support to help them achieve their goals. We host Enrichment Workshops 3 times a year giving the girls a safe place to talk through issues and challenges. Workshops also provide mentorship, life-skills training, tutoring, and more.


We're more than just a website.

Unlike other crowdfunding websites, we operate on the ground. Our local staff are raised in the slums we work in, and help us understand these communities and the needs of the girls. Our founders spend time getting to know each girl personally as well as their parents, guardians, and teachers, and we involve them along with local volunteers in educating girls.

Watch Me Go is inspired by real girls.
Check out our story to find out more.

Our Team


Katie Wood

Founder & President

Katie founded Watch Me Go in 2013 after working on education programs in various African slum communities. She has traveled to 40 countries and has broad research experience on development issues, particularly on the African continent. Prior to founding Watch Me Go, Katie spent several years working as an analyst at the World Bank. She holds degrees in Child Development and International Affairs from The University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, respectively.

Ian Stanley

Founder & Vice President

Ian holds degrees in Graphic Design and Marketing from Virginia Tech and Georgetown University, respectively, and brings creative direction to Watch Me Go. He has traveled to over 30 countries and has experience working in African slums. He spent three years in the World Bank’s Information Management and Technology division and currently provides communications support for an international development consulting company. 

Elizabeth Wood

Development & Marketing

Elizabeth holds a degree in International Relations from The University of Georgia. She has worked educating children and adults in South Africa and Tanzania. As a team member in the Government Relations division at Amnesty International, Elizabeth gained experience with grass roots campaigns, media relations, communications and outreach.

Steve Atsiaya

Local Program Coordinator

Steve was raised and educated in the Kibera slum in Nairobi, Kenya. He is passionate about helping his community develop and is an encouraging mentor to our students. He was lucky to have found a sponsor for his own high school education, and he went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Community Resource Management at Kenyatta University. Prior to joining Watch Me Go, he was a teacher at the primary school where the idea for Watch Me Go was borne.

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