• December 2014

    Year 1 Complete!

    "I am now in Form 2. Thank you so much."

  • October 2014

    2nd Term Update

    My Favorite Teacher...
    "is a very good counselor and gives us very good advices and also inspires us to reach our goals because we have the potential and because of that she is the best."

  • May 2014

    1st Term Update

    "The most challenging part was to adapt to doing 11 subjects while I was used to doing 6 subjects in primary school."

  • February 2014

    Phanice (center) with friends just before leaving for school.

  • January 2014

    Thank You

    "You have been a guardian angel sent to me, and may the gracious God bless you always."

  • October 2013

    Meet Phanice

    Watch Me Go!

  • October 2013

    Her Story

    "My mum cannot meet the academic requirement of taking me further due to her poor health status."