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 Mission: To break the cycle of poverty by educating girls.

Crowdfund high school tuition for girls in need, and follow their progress online.

Ruth K.


Career : Journalist

Subject: English

Interest: Reading

Class of: 2017

"When my father does not get enough money for school fees, we are sent back home, and it makes me very sad." -Ruth

High school education in the developing world isn't free.
In Kenya, it costs about $500 per year, or $1.25 per day.
For people living on less than $1 a day, tuition is unaffordable,
and thousands of ambitious girls can't go to school.

You can help us change that.

Here's how it works:

1.  Connect

Browse profiles of girls that need your help. Read their stories, see their goals, and contribute to those who stand out to you.

2.  Follow Progress

Stay connected to your student through videos, photos, and update letters posted to her "Progress Feed" every few months.

3. Track Success

Watch as your student(s) earn A's throughout the school year in an effort to get on our "Empowered Up" honor roll.

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